Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My H1B Visa Interview Call

My interview was on Aug 25, 2007. The conversation between me and Visa Officer is as follows:


Me: Hi, Good Morning

VO: Hi, Your Token Please.

[ I gave him my token]


VO: Why are you going USA?

ME: TO join Astir IT Solutions.


VO: Describe me about the Company?

ME: Astir IT Solution is a software consulting and solution service provider company provides solutions to finance, banking and pharmaceutical domains.


VO: When did u join your current firm?

ME: [I have stated Month and Year]


VO: Why switching so fast?

ME: Because the solution on which I have to work in Astir is of my interest than being a consultant in current firm.


VO: What is your current salary?

ME: [Stated the current salary] Lacs per Annum.


VO: What will be your salary in US?

ME: [Stated as offered by Astir] per Annum.


VO: Why going for so less salary?

ME: Astir promised me to revise my package in mid year appraisal.


VO: Your visa is issued sir. You will receive your passport in two days. Good Luck.

ME: Thank you.



My Observation in consulate:

- Stay firm. No body movements even head movements.

- Be expressionless and speak in firm tone. Your speach must not be kind or rude it must be neutral.

- Dont go for long silence or pause (Answer as best of your knowledge as he is not the one evaluate everything in your life after this interview ;) )

- Answer in one word if possible and in case of descriptive questions dont exceed your line words more than 12-15.

- Dont be afraid or scared even hesitate as they are not some angels or someone from heaven just people try to check your profile whether you are professional or not. Even I recommand to cloth formally rather than going for tie or suit at programmer level. At senior level you must wear.


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